Health science applied to the study, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of patients presenting with neuromusculoskeletal, neurological, cardiovascular or respiratory conditions.

The profession relies on the application of movement and exercise prescription, manual therapy, patient education and advice to target, prevent and treat disorders resulting from changes in human organs and systems. Its management requires an understanding of the structures and functions of the human body and allows a facilitation to recovery helping patients to regain independence.

It is based on the understanding and study of biological and health sciences, guiding its action on its own therapeutic mechanisms, such as morphological sciences, physiological sciences, pathology, biochemistry, biophysics, biomechanics, kinesiology, in addition to behavioural and social disciplines. The objective of this area is to offer a holistic approach to the patient, promoting health for people of all ages and providing rehabilitation programmes for pain management and injury prevention in order to maintain and/or restore the integrity and normal function of organs and tissues.