Dental Implant

Implant surgery

Dental implant is the most recommended option for the rehabilitation of missing teeth. The advantages of this therapeutic option far exceed the choice for removable prostheses. The main reason is easy to explain: dental implants are similar to natural teeth.

An artificial root made from technologically advanced materials will be placed on the jaw bone or jaw and will support ceramic crowns or bridges.

In a dental implant,a new artificial tooth or a row of teeth is connected directly to the screws that have been connected on the maxillary bone. Sometimes the teeth are attached to small extensions of titanium or other material that protrudes from the gums. Extensions are called distances.

Different degrees of lack of teeth require different implants

Before an implant treatment, you will be examined by your dentist. They will talk about your health and explain how the treatment is done.

There are different treatments, depending on which teeth are missing:

If you have lost only one tooth, usually only a dental implant needs to be applied. The implant then carries a single artificial tooth. It is called implant of a single tooth.

If you do not have a tooth in the first row of teeth, it is not enough for the implant to be placed in the jaw bone. The surrounding tissue should also have a shape that gives a natural appearance. Sometimes it’s so hard to get well that instead a bridge is needed to support the teeth around.

If you’ve lost several teeth, you can get multiple implants to support a fixed bridge. If you no longer have much of your jaw, the dentist sometimes needs to extend the bridge with artificial teeth to make your face look as it used to.

If you don’t have teeth in your jaw, it usually takes four to six implants to be able to carry a whole row of teeth with artificial teeth. Sometimes more implants are needed.

In a simple way, the replacement of lost teeth with a new tooth, by placing an artificial root, is called dental implant. A simple process devised by a team of expertly trained dentists. The choice of materials is of utmost importance and our team works with the best dental implants for maximum quality. Book your appointment::

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