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Wisdom Teeth Problems
Wisdom Teeth Problems

Wisdom Teeth Problems are common, especially among teenagers. Learn what causes them and how they can be treated safely and…

crooked teeth
What are Crooked Teeth and how to treat them?

Crooked Teeth Crooked Teeth can have several causes, and the appropriate treatment to straighten or align the teeth can vary…

O que fazer se tiver um dente solto
What to do if you have a loose tooth?

What to do if you have a loose tooth? Loose teeth Your teeth always have some movement. Properly loose teeth…

Fraca saúde oral pode provocar doenças
Poor oral health can lead to disease

If you have poor oral health, you are much more likely to become seriously ill. Several research findings indicate that…

Desenvolvimento dos dentes
Teeth development

Teeth development Teeth in Infancy Teeth start to form at the beginning of the foetal stage. This applies to both…

Teeth Grinding – Bruxism

Bruxism Grinding and clenching of teeth, known as Bruxism. Grinding and clenching your teeth is common. It usually happens when…

vacina contra a gripe
flu vaccine

Flu vaccine Flu is caused by a virus and is highly contagious. The virus is spread through the air and…

Aparelho Dentário
Dental Braces

Dental Braces Getting your teeth straightened with braces can make a big difference for many people. For many young people,…

Toothache - what to do
Toothache – what to do

When faced with a toothache – what to do? A toothache is a sign that one or more teeth have…

Composite Veneers
Composite Veneers

The latest composite materials have amazing properties. They are very soft and have properties similar to those of the tooth…

Importance of the stethoscope
Importance of the stethoscope

Despite advances in medical technology, the stethoscope still has an important diagnostic value, according to an editorial published online January…

Biochemistry Analysis
Biochemistry Analysis

With the addition of the biochemistry laboratory, NMRL is now able to collect, process, store and analyze biological samples internally….

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