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Trained physicians with extensive experience in medicine, both in the surgical and clinical fields. We always work together with the patient as a whole in mind, as we aim to monitor their condition from the reason they came to the clinic through to full treatment.


Our team of dentists is not only dedicated to providing high quality services with state-of-the-art equipment, but are also committed to reaching all patients in need of the best dental care.


Provision of essential, preventive or curative healthcare: from health counseling to the administration of vaccines and injectable drugs, through wound treatment, follow-up and first aid.


We seek to establish a global diagnosis – clinical, neuropsychological, personological and electrophysiological – in all situations that imply changes in behavior, whether in the area of psychiatry or psychology.


We have at your disposal the best professionals in the fight against diseases of the skin, hair, hair, nails and mucous membranes. We offer cosmetic dermatology services and treatment of disfiguring lesions and skin changes associated with aging.


Physiotherapy acts in the treatment and prevention of osteomusculo-ligament disorders, whether chronic or acute, results of trauma and its late or immediate consequences, repetitive strain injuries or orthopedic pathologies.

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