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Nursing Services

Attending and providing essential health care in nursing services, preventive or curative: from health counselling to administering vaccines and injectable drugs, wound care, follow-up and first aid.

Nurses are trained in emergency treatments, such as accidents in which immediate treatment is required, as well as outpatient treatment, in order to monitor patients’ vital signs.

If you need occasional or continuous care, whether you are a chronic patient, convalescing after surgery or in any other situation requiring medical attention, you can count on our nursing services!

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Injection administration: although syringes are dialed by most users, this is a very effective means because the effects of the medicine in question occur more quickly.

Wound treatment: cuts, crushes, bites, bites, burns, bruises, abrasions, surgical dressings, extraction of stitches and staples… there are several types of wound that can receive treatment in nursing services.

Rehabilitation: for the recovery of user functionality after injuries or diseases and for the diagnosis and treatment of numerous pathologies, rehabilitation is recommended.

Follow-upof patients: diabetic, hypertensive, colostomized and ileostomized patients, among others.
Evaluation of vital parameters: blood pressure, glycemia and pulse.
First aid: application of effective techniques to reduce the severity of the situation, improving the chances of survival of a person.

Any questions, please feel free to contact usor use the form below to book your nursing services appointment. We are in Portimão, Praia da Rocha.

Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos- the trees, the clouds, everything.

Thich Nhat Hanh

catarina mateus
Catarina Mateus
Pedro Botelho

Excelente atendimento tanto a nível do pessoal administrativo como médico. Atenciosos no trato, na rapidez e eficiência. A médica que me atendeu, Dr.ª Joyce Gomes, fez um trabalho impecável que me deixou muito satisfeito.

Artur Pacheco

Clinica bastante eficiente com atendimento excelente. Recomendo.

Charles Bonnet

Thank you Dra. Joyce, the work you did for me was amazing. Extremely satisfied with the service and wholeheartedly recommend DentalArt and Medical Clinic as I know anyone that needs dental work or medical treatment will be as completely satisfied as I was.

Bruno Vieira

Atendimento de excelência. Fui muito bem recebido, grande sentido de profissionalismo. Parabéns Dentalart?️

Murielle Delepaux Duflos

Fui por acaso a este consultório odontológico não muito longe de minha residência, fui muito bem recebido por uma jovem gentil e charmosa. O dentista é muito simpático, muito tranquilo, muito reconfortante. O atendimento odontológico foi excelente. Os preços são razoáveis. Eu recomendo altamente este consultório odontológico.

Natalie Johnsson

Dr. Joyce Gomes makes you feel safe and calm with her professional work. I can strongly recommend!


Fantastic treatment from a very calm and relaxed staff for the dental care! You feel comfortable when the staff is relaxed. First time without any pain.

Ricardo Sequeira

Atendimento excepcional, estou bastante satisfeito! Competência 5 estrelas.


Really good clinic! I am very satisfied with the service and the work that has been done. The doctor is very gentle while working with the teeth and considerate of the patient. I highly recommend.

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Nursing Services

DentalArt nursing service also includes Patches, stitches/staples removal, urinary catheterization, bladder washing, vaccine application, motor recovery after stroke with the support of a rehabilitation nurse, speech therapists and psychologists, respiratory kinesiotherapy for children and adults (bronchiolitis, pneumonia), motor recovery after surgery and trauma, blood pressure measurement, glycaemia determination, cholesterol determination.

Nursing services can be relevant at various stages of a person’s life, preventing disease, maintaining and optimising health status.

They may benefit from nursing care:
Couples and pregnant women seeking parenting preparation courses;
New mothers (new mothers) and newborns in the adaptation period at home;
Patients who need specific care after discharge (injections, dressing changes, among others).
Users who need to comply with a treatment at home, such as wound care, maintenance of medical devices or administration of therapy;
Users who want health surveillance, such as haemodynamic assessment, blood glucose assessment.
Elderly people who require clinical support or long-term care;
Users with specific health needs related to oncological, renal, cardiac problems, among others;
Other health situations that require specialised monitoring.

For insurance reimbursement purposes we provide clinical report and receipt with beneficiary number
(On request)
Check directly with your insurer for the amounts and numbers of consultations/sessions you are entitled to claim reimbursement for, if applicable.

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