We have at your disposal the best professionals in the fight against diseases of the skin, hair, nails and mucous membranes.

Dermatology and venereology specialties incorporate dermatological component that makes the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of diseases and skin issues and other related to hair and nails and the venereological component, which includes the study, treatment and investigation of sexually transmitted diseases.


Among the most common dermatological diseases we can treat are the following:

Acne, Diseases caused by viruses – warts in human papilloma virus (HPV) infection, molluscum, herpes – and by parasites – sarna, diseases caused by bacteria – impetigo – and fungi – had, pythiasis versicolor, Nevos (cutaneous signs) and other benign tumors, Skin cancer: melanoma and other malignant tumors non-melanoma, Hair changes – allocated, Psoriasis;
Pathology of the nails,Vitiligo and other changes in skin color, Diseases related to sun exposure, Eczemas, Pediatric dermatological diseases, Diseases of sexual transmission.
Cosmetic dermatology is also an important area of this specialty, namely the treatment of disfiguring Injuries and skin changes associated with aging.

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“If someone seeks health, ask them first if they are willing to avoid the causes of the disease in the future.”

Dr. Thiago Carvalho

Clinical Medicine

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A timely visit to a Dermatologist can mean a more precise and correct diagnosis for your skin problems, preventing the waste of resources and the aggravation of situations that can be easily solved through a consultation.
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