Very motivated multidisciplinary clinical staff and.

We are committed to provide the best medical care and creating the best patient experience through a complete range of services.

Assuming the commitment to maintain a multifaceted offer, DentalArt acquired the Rocha Medical Center, continuing and expanding the path made. It has a working group filled with excellent physicians in the areas of general medicine, dental medicine, nursing care, psychology, psychotherapy, dermatology and physiotherapy.


Dr. Joyce Gomes

Dental Surgery

Dr. Joyce Gomes, Dental Surgeon. Specialized in all treatments of dental medicine, oral surgery and dental implants. It’s Dental Art’s Director. Graduated from Fernando Pessoa University in Porto. Speaks Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Dr. Nuno Fernandes

Aesthetic Medicine Specialist

Specialist in Internal Medicine. Postgraduate degree in Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging from the University of Alcala, Madrid. Several published works and presentations at scientific meetings.

Dra Sintia Duarte


She develops her activity in the area of Clinical Psychology in situations of Depression, Trauma, Phobia, Anxiety/Panic Attacks, Mourning Process, among others. In his consultations, she uses hypnosis and EMDR techniques, among others, as a form of treatment.

Graduated in Psychology of Education and Rehabilitation, University of algarve (Ualg), FCHS. Postgraduate in Experimental Clinical Hypnosis, Faculty of Medicine of Lisbon (FMUL) Training in E.M.D.R. (Desensitization and Reprocessing through bilateral stimuli), by the Association E.M.D.R. Portugal (AEMDRP).

Dr. Paula Rêgo

Dental Surgery

Dental surgeon. She loves what she does, and her greatest achievement is to see an open and frank smile.

Dr. Mário inácio


Psychologist specialized in various aspects of evaluation and psychological intervention, in dealing with children, teenagers and adults. Graduated from ISPA – Institute of Applied Psychology.

Dr. Margarida Ferreira


Specialized in Neuropsychology and Clinical Psychology with intervention in adults and the elderly in the context of anxiety, panic, depression, burnout, self-esteem, phobias, aging and dementia. Intervention through the cognitive-behavioral approach that allows the learning of tools to autonomously face difficulties in future crisis situations. Neuropsychological Assessment, Cognitive Training/Stimulation and Neuropsychological Rehabilitation.

Dr. Hugo Figueiras


Clinical Psychologist. Psychotherapy EMDR. Hypnotherapy.


One of the objectives of our team is to become a reference in health and medical services in Portimão and the Algarve, so we are committed to provide high quality, modern and affordable medical services. We always work with professionalism, exclusive medical equipment and state-of-the-art techniques that allow the best diagnosis and possible treatments for patients.

At DentalArt you will feel safe and your clinical condition, whatever it is, will be treated fully and broadly in order to understand and definitively treat your problem.