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We are a Dental Medical clinic that has been operating since 2015 and over time we have served many foreigners who seek us out so that they can have a
better quality of life through Oral Rehabilitation, or even so that they can have a better aesthetic that brings some joviality.

Due to the growing demand, this ambitious project emerged, which consists of offering our patients oral rehabilitation treatments, including all care to provide them with comfort during their stay.

We have a specific team that will take care of the stay, transport and doctors who will receive you with great care to carry out the best treatment plan for your case, which will always be evaluated in a unique way.
The patient will even be able to receive full support for sporting activities such as Tennis, Padel or Golf while enjoying their stay in the Algarve and also enjoying good local restaurants.

How It Works

Dental Medical Tourism – Aesthetics & Implantology - Algarve

Ceramic veneers

Dental veneers or dental contact lenses are thin ceramic layers placed on the surface of the teeth. They have a thin thickness, and despite the delicacy of the work, they offer resistance and longevity.

They serve to correct small imperfections in the color, shape and volume of the teeth.We always save the surface of the worked tooth, preserving the tooth enamel as much as possible.

The planning is carried out in the clinic and the work is done using the
CAD-CAM system.

Ceramic crowns

It serves to recover the tooth structure already lost for several reasons.
Reproduces tooth anatomy, maintaining aesthetics and function. Each job is tailored to the patient and individually planned.

The ceramic used is a material of extreme durability, with color stability and
biologically compatible with dental tissues. No risk of allergic reactions.

Dental implants

Replaced the root of a missing tooth. It functions as a support pillar for the ceramic crown. Just one tooth or the entire arch can be replaced.

Step by Step Facets and Ceramic crowns

Step by step

1st Pre-surgical digital planning of implant placement
2nd day of stress-free surgery
3rd Postoperative / Revisions

Step by step

1st Planning
2nd Dental preparation and placement of temporary veneers or crowns
3rd Placement of dental veneers or crowns

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Dental Surgery

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Dr Miguel Monteiro

Oral Surgery

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