Composite Veneers

Composite Veneers

The latest composite materials have amazing properties. They are very soft and have properties similar to those of the tooth itself. Such composites can be modelled directly on teeth without affecting their original structure.

Composites can be used to lengthen front teeth that are worn down, whiten discoloured teeth and repair chips that have been worn away over time.
The two layer technique reproduces the colour of the dentine and the colour of the enamel in order to sculpt the teeth according to their natural anatomy and achieve amazing aesthetic results, leaving the tooth looking amazing.

For best results and in specific cases, teeth can be whitened before treatment.
In many cases, composite is the first choice after an accident or to make aesthetic improvements in young individuals.
It is more affordable, faster and gentler on teeth than porcelain veneers and is therefore a good option in many aesthetic cases.

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Composite Veneers